How can I manage mails in AOL account?

12 Sep

AOL is a useful mail platform that has been into existence from last many years. Since its existence, it has been widely used for varied mailing applications. It was always famous for the useful communication services it caters for its users and it has continued to provide helpful mailing services for users. It is a secured mail gateway that is widely used for mail exchange purposes in big firms and famous organizations both internally and externally. 

With this, it is also a preferred platform for personal mail exchange. It is so widely used because it is user friendly such that users may not face any issues using AOL but in case if help is required, they may obtain it from Aol contact Number


Users may often wonder that when AOL is integral mail platform that receives so many mails a day, how users manage mails so easily with AOL. This is possible only because of easy mail management options of AOL. It understands well that user may face issues managing mails and thus it enables easy folder management options for users.

 With the help of folders it is easy to move mails in AOL and thus managing mails get easy. Users can make use of default folder that already exists in AOL or may also create any number of folders as per need in AOL.

There are various things that you must know about AOL folders and these can be:

  • Creating folders – When you wish to create new folders, you can get to settings and here you need to select create a new folder option. Name the folder and save to add the folder. This is easy but if help is required gets it from aol support number
  • Moving mails in folders – You can send one or multiple mails from inbox to another folders if needed. For this you need to simply select the mails by checking it and then click the option to move mails. You need to select the destination folder name to move the mails into it.


 With the useful folder option, you can move mails easily in AOL. This will keep your inbox well managed and clean and will also enable you to find mails in future easily in a set folder. Managing mails is easy in AOL but if help is required, get it from aol helpline number.

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