How to use filter to skip mail to enter outlook inbox?

20 Apr

Outlook is a famous mail network from last many years. It is used widely across the world by millions of users. Outlook cares for its users and make sure to bring only latest for its users. The outlook is a versatile mail client with hundreds of features that you'll certainly never lose. 

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Outlook integral platform for many and thus it is obvious to receive multiple mails at times in inbox. Among this only some are useful and in such cases you must make use of filter to directly filter mails so that it can skip the inbox. 

Quick filter can separate emails to folders directly and here are the steps:

  • Open Outlook and click Inbox (or any other folder where you want to apply the rule).
  • Tap the Icon of the Rules and then Manage Rules and Alerts.
  • Click the New rule tab.
  • Choose a template. In this case, we will be using, "Move messages with specific words in a folder subject." Click Next to move on.
  • Uncheck "with specific words in the subject" and check "with specific words in the subject or body"
  • Add a specific word that you would like to filter and click Add. This is easy and if you need help contact hotmail support number uk. 
  • Press OK.
  • To select a folder (or create a new one), click the "specified" link.
  • Pick a folder, or press New to enter a folder name. Click "OK" when you're done, then click Next to move on.
  • Before clicking Next to move on, select "stop processing more rules" and "move it to the specified folder"
  • Name the rule and then make sure you have checked "Turn on this rule." You can also check the 'Run this now' box to filter messages already in your inbox.
  • Click Finish when done.

This can help you filter mails so that it does not get to inbox any more to bother you. This is easy in outlook but if you need easy help for this, you may contact hotmail helpline number

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