Four useful tips of yahoo mail

31 Jul

Yahoo is platform used widely across the nation for its unlimited applications. Yahoo is wonderful gateway for mail applications. It is so enhanced that it is used as common mail platform in various firms and organization. It is so easy to use that it is used for personal mail exchange worldwide by millions of users. These features of yahoo makes it used for both professional and personal use. Yahoo is also widely preferred because it is easy to use platform that cares for its users and in case if users face any issues using yahoo, they may contact yahoo customer service number for help.

You have been using yahoo from quite a few years now but still wonder are there any features which can actually help you enjoy an enhanced experience over yahoo mail. Here is a small list of features you must know while using yahoo mail:

Learn to organize your emails 

To manage yahoo mails learn to streamline mails as per title or topic. Also you may create folder to manage mails. When you create separate folders, you can actually move relevant mails to such folders one after the other to make it arrange properly.

Streamline new incoming emails 

Now you are done streamlining emails in folder, next is to manage incoming emails. In order to keep your inbox cluttered and clean, streamline emails that get to your inbox.

Add filters to yahoo so that all emails do not end up in inbox rather in separate folders. If you wish to set filters to delete mails or to send them to junk get help from yahoo phone number uk.

Searching all mails that has attachment or photos

Just get to search box and select my photos or my attachment option to get list of all mails having attachments or photos.

Compose a better email

Composing is fun in yahoo. With little features, make it amazing. Add solid colour to emails messages or add a picture to its background. Embed html to it or add some amazing highlights in regular edits. Editing mails messages can be fun with yahoo and if you need make it interactive with Gif’s. 

Now that you know the important features of yahoo remember most of them can enhance your experience on yahoo. They are all wonderful and easy to use but in case of issue, you can always contact yahoo helpline number for help.

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