Manual Way to Setup Yahoo Mail to Another Email Client and Backup

14 Feb

Yahoo is the largest webmail service provider. In any case, it was reported in December 2016 that around 1 billion accounts were hacked. If one Yahoo mail account is hacked, it will lead to serious issues, for example, identity theft and different interruptions to safety and security that could influence the finances and report of account owners. It is very important for customers in case of mail hack to keep the backup beforehand.

Yahoo being a well known email service provider additionally faces several issues while archiving Yahoo emails to a hard drive. So our Yahoo Customer Support Number UK will assist you with archiving Yahoo to Hard drive/ External drive.

Manual Way to Setup Your Yahoo Mail to Another Email Client and Backup

The process includes steps that you can complete by downloading your Yahoo email folders to the USB or Flash drive.

The following steps are here: 

1.      You have to setup your Yahoo email account to another email client

2.      Now move email files to an account configured by Hotmail/Thunderbird or straight back up Yahoo mail to your local framework.

You can use the Offline mode via MS Outlook or Mozilla Firefox Thunderbird. In any case, we will suggest you carry backup to your scheme for a safe side. This will help you to get to your messages any place important in any email customer. You can read the Add Yahoo mail process to Outlook or Thunderbird also.

Ensure you configure your Yahoo email with the POP account type to archive or delete messages from Yahoo email. Also, simply drag & drop messages starting with one folder then onto the next from the generated Yahoo email folder to the other email customers.

This process is somewhat long and users generally make blunders to setup Yahoo email to mail customers from Outlook or Thunderbird. Suggested, in this way to go for the automated resolution. We should find out how this Automated solution works to archive hard drive Yahoo webmail folders.

Automated Solution

You can utilize Yahoo Mail Backup Software to archive Yahoo email messages to Hard drive. It is a safe solution to backup and changes over your information without meddling with the first chain of importance of your information. Likewise, it enables clients to export messages and other information from on Yahoo profile to another Yahoo profile.

On the question ‘archive yahoo email to Hard drive’ we have talked about certain other options. Detailed manual and automated strategies to solve the issues that Yahoo mail users may experience when there is any issue with their Yahoo mail.

When you complete the steps yet face the same issue then don’t worry because you still have a call option to the Yahoo Customer care Number UK. So try to use the processes as discussed above, which can be useful for you to solve the issue or else talk to a Yahoo support expert. 

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