How to increase mail productivity in Gmail?

01 Jul

Gmail is a useful mail app that brings in applications for users. It is a platform that caters useful features as well. Gmail is a mail platform that brings focused mail oriented applications which can make mailing experiences enhanced for its users. All these are user friendly applications that are available for users to be used easily but in case of any issues, you may obtain easy help from Gmail contact number. 

Gmail is a useful mail application that already brings lots of features. Gmail has a lot of valuable hidden features that few really are useful. The following list details some tips for getting the most out of your Gmail account to boost your productivity.

  • Limit Emailing to Specific Times of the Day

Most of us in multitasking are bad. Dealing with emails as they arrive is a horrible diversion from all the other things during the day that we are trying to get on top of.

Of course, some people need to respond timely to emails, but most of them don't. If you can limit your emails to once in the morning and once in the afternoon, you can answer them all within 12-15 hours of receiving them. If the rest of the time you keep Gmail closed, you'll find it easier to concentrate and you'll be far more successful. If you need help for this, contact Gmail helpline number UK. 

  • Route All Your Email to Gmail

These days, several people are juggling multiple email addresses. Some are reached via Gmail, some via Outlook, and some through browser-based customers connected to website control panels.

  • Use an Effective Spam Filter

There are three types of emails in general.

  • You know people's emails.
  • People's emails you don't know may still be useful.
  • Emails that you don't want to do anything with.

It can be difficult to navigate an inbox with all three of these forms of communications. You might end up with a spam folder containing hundreds of emails that you still sometimes have to go through just in case your browser missed something you wanted to read.

  • Use Labels

You can get things out of control if you have multiple email addresses coming into Gmail. Although most email programs have directories, Gmail also has slightly different labels. A message may have several names, irrespective of the folder you put in. Labels can also be written in color and appear in your inbox on every post, so you can easily find important emails.

These can increase the productivity of gmail but in case you need more tips to that, you may obtain easy help from Gmail support number.

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