Reason Why Your Gmail and Outlook Syncing is Not Working?

18 Sep

In case if your business synchronizes data among Gmail and Outlook, you may notice issues with synchronizing a few or even all information. According to a Google Group looking for answers for the setting up issue, the trouble can happen with just contacts, only when deleting email messages, when moving mails between folders or with all parts of an account. While no official fix has been discharged, there are trustworthy Gmail Customer Service Number services to workaround the known issues.


  • Discontinued Free Google Sync Service


Google had initially made Google Sync and Google Calendar Synchronize to sync Gmail accounts with Outlook. In any case, in late 2012, Google ended the two services. This affects free syncing. Organizations with a paid Google Apps account can at present utilize the premium syncing service, however a few problems still exist.


  • Not Really Friendly Updates


In case if new messages aren't matching up to Outlook 2013 and Office 365, the issue might be with a Windows Update. Updates KB2837618 and KB2837643 forestalled IMAP organizers from synchronizing accurately. Outlook must be configured to utilize IMAP so as to match up with Gmail. You should uninstall these updates so as to re-sync your accounts. MS recommends suggests a strategic distance from the update if conceivable until the issue is solved and another update is released.


  • It’s Time to Start Over


Once in a while regardless of what number of settings you change or how much you troubleshoot, the easiest method to fix the syncing issue is to remove the Gmail account from Outlook and re-include it. You won't lose any information during the procedure since every one of the messages stay on Google's servers rather than on your nearby PC. In Outlook, open File section, afterward pick ‘Account and Social Settings’ and select Account Settings to delete and re-add your Gmail account. Gmail Contact Number UK


  •  Premium Solution

In case you're trying to utilize the free form of Gmail to synchronize with Outlook, you'll have almost no help, since Google no longer supports Google Sync. While Outlook allows you to match up with IMAP, you'll have direct synchronizing tools through Google by upgrading to an exceptional Google Apps account. This helps a portion of the issues numerous users are having with Outlook and IMAP alone.


  • Participate in the Campaigns


In the event that the sync problems proceed, you can stay up-to-date on the advance troubleshooting fixes from Microsoft and Google. Two devoted forum threads list a variety of solutions that have worked. The two threads additionally help members stay updated on any related news from Gmail and Outlook on official solutions.


In this way you will be easily sync your Gmail outlook Twitter with Outlook. For any problem related to Gmail account, contact our toll-free Gmail Support Number UK 0800 090 3909.

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