Want to Get Gmail Notifications on The Desktop Quickly?

04 Jun

Whenever you receive any message or notification, you get notified at the continuous on your Smartphone. You would be happy to know that you can likewise be notified on your desktop as well. The moment you get another email in your Gmail account, you will get the notification at the real-time on your desktop. 

Regardless of you have opened Gmail or not; you will see the notice right there on the screen of your desktop or PC. To activate the Gmail related notifications you should have the Google chrome browser downloaded on your desktop. Be that as it may, two or three browser extensions are likewise accessible which will work on the web browser rather than the Chrome. 

Follow This Guide Verified by Gmail Support Number to Turn on The Gmail Notification.


  • Firstly open Gmail official platform and login to Gmail account.
  • Click to the gear icon and pick Settings option.
  • Next, open the Desktop Notification and afterward choose New email notification on
  • Press the click here to enable desktop notices for Gmail
  • Here click to Allow option on the popup screen.
  • Then restart the web browser and you are done.
  • You can likewise pick important email notifications on in which Gmail will advise you when it figures you will find this message as essential. You can also pick this alternative to prevent over-burden and the bombardment of the notifications over and over.

Presently whenever you will get another email in your Gmail account, you would see the notification right hand side of the screen button. You will be redirected to your Gmail account the minute you tap incoming notification link.

You can also download the Gmail Notifier page from the Google Chrome extensions store to turn on the Gmail notification. You should guarantee that the browser you are utilizing must be updated with the recent updates accessible. The network association ought to be quick and stable. 

You should check the configuration of the anti-virus installed on your framework as the anti-virus program restrict the web browser extensions. Because of which Gmail Notifier may not work appropriately. Then again, you should not turn on this feature if the system you use typically is shared by others as they can get to the private messages if for the situation you forget to log-out from the web browser.

To disable this feature, you have to delete the Gmail Notifier expansion. What's more, you should open the settings indeed and click on Mail Notifications off option.

In case you get any type of problem or the "Notifier" isn't working properly then you should have a word with our skilled Gmail Customer Care Number experts for the easy solution to your Gmail account.

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