How to manage calendar in outlook

22 Jun

Hotmail which is also known as outlook is a platform useful for mail transfer services. It enables enhanced applications for users ease thus using outlook is easy but in case of any issues, one may contact hotmail customer service uk

Calendar is Outlook's calendar and scheduling element, fully integrated with email, contacts, and other features. Just as you write in a notebook, in the Outlook Calendar, you can press and start typing any time slot. You can establish appointments and activities, hold meetings, display team schedules, and much more by using the Calendar.

Here are seven basic calendar tricks you can use to push your productivity to the next level:

  • Arrange time blocks "no meeting" - Set aside time without interruptions instead of multitasking. Most of the time, the people who multitask often end up merging things but with outlook calendar, multitasking is easy and manageable.
  • Set out of office (OOO) time - Identify time frames on your calendar as "unavailable," "unworkable". This will inform others that you are out of your desk and will not be able to access online.
  • Link the calendar on your mobile - When you are not on your computer and a meeting is late; you forget when and where your next meeting is, so you end up shuffling in with a whirlwind of apologies five minutes after the next meeting starts. Integrate your schedule and keep up to date on all your meetings on your mobile device. This is easy and if you need help contact outlook support number uk. 
  • Add buffer time - plan an extra 10 minutes on either side of each meeting if possible, so you have enough time to clean up from the current meeting and then prepare and set up for the next meeting. This will also allow you to stop the hurry of noticing meetings updates in outlook from one meeting to another meeting.
  • Schedule breaks - When you complete a tasks remember to delete the already accomplished task. This will make working simple. This is a necessary part of the daily work. This is good in order to avoid rush and raise productivity. You can plan breaks into your calendar and let your calendar reminders remind you.

It is easy managing calendar in outlook but in case you face any issues managing and organising this, you may contact outlook helpline number for easy help. 

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