Why am I asked to verify my account after signing in

11 Jun

Outlook or hotmail as it is known among its users is a most useful mail platform that exists today. It is famous because it is a standard mail platform that brings easy to use experiences and in case of issues, easy help can be availed at hotmail helpline number. 

Hotmail is quite cautious about online threats and after you sign up for a Microsoft account, Microsoft detects something they call "unusual" in such cases it adds a dialog that asks you "Help us protect your account." When Microsoft detects attempts to sign in from other account, it may request complete security information to protect you from hackers.

What's something unusual mean?

Here are some scenarios that can be described as "something unusual."

  • Signing in from a new device or new location.
  • Sign up on an existing computer from a new app.

Why Signing from a new location matters a lot?

Microsoft is trying to battle the exploits of the account. Irrelevant of whose account it is, hackers try to targeted outlook accounts easily. In particular, Microsoft accounts tend to be a common target. 

But most of those hacks are one thing we know that they always come from "elsewhere." They often come from countries other than the country you live in, or even from other regions in your world. If Microsoft sees a new login from a new location, they make a cautionary request for further testing. It is thus important to manage them and you can do this by obtaining help with hotmail contact number

There are several options to prove that you are the rightful account holder:

  • Send an email to your alternative email address.
  • SMS sent to your phone number.
  • A voice message has been sent to your respective mobile number.

You have to set it up in advance. It demonstrates that you should be allowed to access the account. You can configure several validation methods, but you must have them in place before you use them.

It's a nice thing that this stops hackers from breaking into your account even though if any of the hackers know your password somehow. It can also prevent you from being successful if you're travelling and are not prepared. By this ways managing online threats become easy on outlook and if you need any support, contact hotmail support number uk. 

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